Your child will be exploring with paint, glue, clay and other ‘messy play’ materials. They will also be moving between indoor and outdoor experiences throughout the day. In light of this please choose clothes with the following in mind;


  • Sleeves that can be pulled up easily i.e. not tight or with buttons, will help avoid wet or paint covered clothes.


  • Comfortable shoes are important too as your child will be running, jumping and climbing. Fashionable shoes or flip-flop styles sandals are not suitable and can be dangerous.

  • If your child wears boots in wet weather, please send a pair of indoor shoes in a bag so that s/he can change.


  • Please provide a set of spare clothes in case your child gets messy or wet while playing.

  • Expensive or valuable clothes are not appropriate in case they get messy with paint, clay or play dough.

Every child has their own peg to hang their outdoor clothes on, but things can get mislaid or lost. Please mark your child’s name in gloves, scarves, boots and coats. This will help us save a great deal of times in searching for lost clothes! Thank you.