Children can join the Nursery from the age of 12 months and attend until September following their 5th birthday although many children leave when they go into Reception from September following their 4th birthday. Many children begin by attending a minimum of 18 hours per week (minimum of 2 days 9-6pm for under 2 year olds) although some children are ready to attend full time straight away especially if they have been at a Nursery/childminder before: we take care to help your child settle in happily and quickly and provide parents with daily feedback during their first few weeks.

Children are accepted on a first come first served basis. We recomment registering in advance to make sure we have your chosen sessions available.


  1. First step is to express your interest in the place at the nursery (usually this can be done by email, by filling in the contact form on the website or by calling the nursery or the Head Office).
  2. We reply by sending the information about the nursery by email and offer a personal tour of the nursery with one of our senior staff. Our tours are daily at 10am and 10.30am by appointment only.These tours are very popular so please book in advance!
  3. You attend the tour with your child (if possible). You can ask any questions relating to the nursery routine, settling in or curriculum at the tour. We recommend that you bring your child to the tour so that they get an opportunity to explore the environment and see if they are happy with the open plan classroom. If you are registering a year or more in advance we recommend arranging another tour nearer the time when the child is a bit bigger.
  4. Once you have attended the tour and if you are happy with the nursery and ready to book the place, we recommend calling or emailing the Head Office to confirm we have the place available on your chosen days (if we don't have your chosen days available we will offer alternative days) and check what the fees are going to be.
  5. Next step is to complete and send the registration form for your child and pay the deposit (£150) and registration fee (£50). Once this is done the Head Office staff will process the registration and confirm the place by email. Now that it is all booked you can relax knowing that the place is secured for your child and they will be joining our exciting nursery!
  6. Please always bear in mind the notice period! If your circumstances change you are required to give us 1 full term notice (for term time place, notice must be given before the first day of the term after which you wish to terminate the place). If you booked an all year place, the notice is 2 full months (starting from 1st of the month following the date when the notice was given).


A Waiting List applies at the school when at a particular time all the available places are taken. However, we try to accommodate each child and each parent who wishes to register.

If you register at the time when we do not have a place (usually part way through the academic year, at short notice), we will offer to book the place from when we know we will have it available (usually the following September) and will put your child's name on the waiting list for an earlier start in case if a place becomes available sooner.

We do not keep long waiting lists, we like giving parents a peace of mind that they have the place booked from when we have one available.

If you would like to enquire about the place for your child, you can do it by:

  • Filling in the contact form below to request a call back
  • Calling the nursery during opening hours on 02087616555
  • Calling the Head Office between 8.30am and 5pm on 07795322688
  • Emailing the Head Office -

We look forward to hearing from you!

Arrange a visit to view the nursery
Register your child
Ask us about availability/waiting list
Request a call back to help you with your query

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