Dulwich Oaks Montessori Nursery School

22 Dulwich Wood Park, Dulwich, London, SE19 1HL

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Open 7.45am-6pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks



Please call 020 8761 6555 or email



Summer 2018 - Spring 2019

for children attending Term Time 38 weeks per year

(Our terms are 12-13 weeks long)


CHILDREN REQUIRED TO ATTEND FOR A MINIMUM OF 18 HOURS PER WEEK. This may be 3 full days 9-3; 2 extended days 9am-6pm; 4 mornings with 8.30am starts; 4 mornings and 1 pm as a minimum


Fees for 2 year olds (per term)






Full day



Extended Day 9am-6pm


1 per week




2 per week




3 per week




4 per week




5 per week






Breakfast Club


Early Start


Hot Lunches

Fresh Teas

1 per week





2 per week





3 per week





4 per week





5 per week





Special diets/allergies are catered for and charged extra 30p per meal (This applies to both Lunches and Teas)


Parents not taking advantage of the hot meals must provide a healthy packed lunch/tea.


Combinations of mornings and full days are also available to suit parents, fees are pro-rata.


If the new children start part-way through a term, the first term's fees will be pro-rata to the amount of the term.


Claiming of Government Grant Funding

We are registered to claim the Government Grant funding (FEEE) available for 3-5 year-olds for a trial period to help parents with fees. This funding will reduce fees payable by parents, and consequently the fees invoices for parents of 3-5 year old children will be for less than for 2 year olds. We hope to continue in the Grant scheme. The Nursery Grant (Free Early Education Entitlement) will be available for up to 15 hours per week.


We will automatically claim this funding at the correct time for parents, however, parents should inform us if they are already receiving any funding for their child in another Nursery/Playgroup.


We have very limited number of free 3 year old places for which no extras are charged, these are offered as a block of 5 sessions 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday term time.

Reduced Fees for 3 to 5 year olds receiving Government Funding (per term)

(from the start of the term following child's 3rd birthday)

Amount due from parents




Full Day


Extended Day


1 per week




2 per week




3 per week




4 per week




5 per week





As a Montessori School, we provide, and charge for, in addition to the basic grant-funded sessions:


* Fresh fruit or alternative break-time snack for each child every day. This promotes healthy eating at an early age.

* All our Montessori Teachers/keyworkers are employed for additional time each week for planning activities for each individual child to meet their specific learning needs related to learning goals and based on recorded observations in class. A detailed report is provided for each child at the end of each term.

* An extensive range of Montessori learning and play equipment designed to help children develop.

* Montessori trained and qualified staff.

* Extra staff to enable a 1:6 staff to child ratio for 3-4 year-olds. This enables more attention for each child at this important stage in their development, than the 1:8 ratio required by Early Years.

* Where a child attends more than 15 hours per week we also charge for the additional time.


Extra ad-hoc sessions (can be booked subject to availability) and extras are charged:


Morning session (9am-1pm) - £31

Afternoon session (1pm-3pm) - £15.50

Early morning club - (8.30am-9am) - £4.40

Late afternoon (3pm-6pm) - £20

1pm-6pm - £35

Tea - £2.40

Lunch - £3.40


Fees are reviewed in December, and any change is applied from the beginning of the next Summer Term, to give parents a terms notice of any increase. Fee increases are kept to a minimum, to cover increased costs, especially staffing and rent. December 2014 fee review and the fees from the Summer Term 2015 can be found on the right hand side of this page.


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