Dulwich Oaks Montessori Nursery School

22 Dulwich Wood Park, Dulwich, London, SE19 1HL

Tel.: 020 8761 6555 Office: 07795322688 Email:

Open 7.45am-6pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks



Please call 020 8761 6555 or email

From September 2018 we require a minimum booking of 18 hours per week



May 2019 - April 2020

for children attending All Year School

(fees for 51 weeks are divided into 12 monthly payments)

Fees for 2 year olds (per month)

Claiming of Government Grant Funding

We are registered to claim the Government Grant funding (FEEE) available for 3-5 year-olds for a trial period to help parents with fees. This funding will reduce fees payable by parents, and consequently the fees invoices for parents of 3-5 year old children will be for less than for 2 year olds. We hope to continue in the Grant scheme.

We offer the funded hours as a package with additional services included in it which help us provide outstanding care and education but are not covered by the very basic government funding. This is not a condition of the nursery to access your 15 hours of free entitlement.

The Nursery Grant (Free Early Education Entitlement) is available for up to 15 hours per week term time (11.4 hrs per week all year). Please email us direct for more information.


Funded 3 and 4 year olds attending all year school are required to attend a minimum of 18 hours per week; the funding covers 11.10 hours per week over 51 weeks per year and is therefore accessed as part of a larger package.

Children may access the funded hours on their own by attending 1 day from 1pm to 6pm and 2 days 3pm to 6pm.


Our additional services package includes:

* Fresh fruit or alternative break-time snack for each child every day. This promotes healthy eating at an early age.

* All our Montessori Teachers/keyworkers are employed for additional time each week for planning activities for each individual child to meet their specific learning needs related to learning goals and based on recorded observations in class. A detailed report is provided for each child at the end of each term.

* An extensive range of Montessori learning and play equipment designed to help children develop.

* Montessori trained and qualified staff. Our Montessori Teachers have Level 4 qualification.

* My Montessori Child online learning journeys - this is an innovative software that allows our teachers to track each child's progress in achieving the Montessori and EYFS goals. Each parent receives a log in and password and is able to see their child's progress as well as receive interactive home learning suggestions based on child's current interests.

* Extra staff to enable a 1:6 staff to child ratio for 3-4 year-olds. This enables more attention for each child at this important stage in their development, than the 1:8 ratio required by Early Years.

* Where a child attends more than 15 hours (term time) or 11.4hrs (all year) per week we also charge for the additional time.


Fees for 3 year olds (per month, amount due from parents)

(from the term following child's 3rd birthday)

Combinations of sessions available, please ask for a quote. Fees above are are stand-alone fees and only apply to the first 15 hours and cannot be added together for longer attendance. Please email or call if you require a mix of sessions.

Extras such as Breakfast Club, Early start, Lunches and Teas are charged as per "Fees for 2 year olds" above.