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We are regulated and inspected by Ofsted and we achieved a strong "GOOD" result at our last inspection in October 2013. Here is what Ofsted say about us:


"Children thrive in their development, as a result of effective observation, assessment and planning systens"


"Children flourish in this well-organised nursery school where their individual needs are met well. As a result they are making good progress in their development and are happy and motivated learners"


"In line with the Montessori philosophy, staff encourage children to co-operate and learn from each other, in child led activities. They learn to respect each other's interests and views and are encouraged to listen to each other"


Being outdoors is an important part of Montessori education. Children develop gross motor skills as they climb, jump and swing, as well as social skills as they learn to take turns on equipment and take part in group activities. The well-kept gardens of Dulwich Oaks Montessori offer a safe place for children to explore nature and embrace their environment. A wide range of outdoor equipment is creating outstanding facilities for children.



Dulwich Oaks Montessori Nursery School provides high quality private education and childcare for children aged 2 years to 5 years.


We are open 7.45am - 6pm for 51 weeks per year with the flexibility of attending term time or all year. A variety of sessions available to suit parents and support children's routines.


Dulwich Oaks Montessori offers excellent outdoor facilities and has one of the largest gardens in the area!


Our aim is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can grow and learn through creative play.

St Margaret Clitherow Church Hall

22 Dulwich Wood Park



SE19 1HL

(parking and entrance on

Kingswood Drive)

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